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Vorms: information O.o

2009-08-07 17:19:08 by Kimsson

Vorms, what they are. sperm? no. it looks like it, as many sez, but they're only VORMS!
they live in a planet named as ''Matoversumi'' but we call it as ''Vormversum'' in here NG, we can't speak finnish, right? :D so, the Vormversum is going around the Light, what's in the middle of everything. even we don't know what it is actually... there's also an another planet, named as ''Tattiplaneetta'' but ''Boleteplanet'' at this time. Funny names, huh? yeah, that's what imagination brings up! so there lives some characters what are named as Boletes. Nope, it's not actually a mushroom. it's just kinda looking like... omg. i noticed that whole thing a while ago! Poninjas!!! O_O
i dunno that's weird... but whateva.
well, the Vormversums world looks like the Vorm's head and it's ''body'' and couple of it's hands. there's a island thingy but i dunno what it is actually from the Vorm.... hm. well, there's a cookieland, a small island... (OPQC's nickname in finnish is Keksi, in english it's Cookie. :P) and the icy lands in the north and south, as usualy.
the Boleteplanet is like the Bolete. body and the hands. there's not any correct map about it but we think it like that. Boletes has the highest technology but the lowest population and strenght. aswell they're pretty fearful ones and they rather stay in their planet. Vorms are in the space many times... what ever is the point for it! aaand.... hmm. the UFO's aren't anykind of myth for vorms... there has been them a couple and one vorm has been in the UFO's planet (erm... a ''love'' story happened). the UFO's leader isn't happy of that situation though. they look like the original vorm, but they have somekind of 'antennas' on their head.
the UFO's planet is somewhere far far away from the vormplanet... and the Boleteplanet is going around the Vormplanet. it's just like that only.
one more character to tell about: Vormnator. kills vorms, has came from the black tiny planet by jumping to the Vormses rocket when it lifted off from the black planet. Vorms are just investigating every planets what they find... so that's why the rocket.
sooo, we think the vormnator is making death for itself, we don't care about it to draw it anymore. it's just a wall with two black eyes and a mouth what goes around it.... but it's kinda boring character so we think it's going to be a dead character.

so here's some information about Vorms. more coming soon! xD

hi there.

2009-03-20 21:56:10 by Kimsson

This account has been made by OPQC, who's my friend. we're going to make a huge progess about our characters, what are drawn so long, so we are gonna animate them.
here's a simple thing, what is gonna named as Vorm:
(IT'S NOT SPERM OR SEMEN! Just a somekind of worm. it has been ideal for sperm thing, but it's converted to a weird worm.)

hi there.